Zija IsaGenix 2 Minute Miracle Gel Skin Care Product

I haven’t decided if this is simply one of the very top skincare products available, because of what all it does so quickly (see and feel results in just 2 minutes), or one of the best bargains- values because it functions as 7 products in one see below. And it’s only $52, however, when you order with me I can get it for you for only $39.95.
IsaGenix 2- Minute Miracle Gel
The name of the product is 2 Minute Miracle Gel. It is a 7-in-1 multitasking topical product that harnesses powerful ingredients.
It’s a cleanser, a toner, it exfoliates, it’s a moisturizer, it hydrates, it’s a brightener, it minimizes the look of pores and primes the skin to ensure flawless makeup.

Check out this Video Below:

It gently renews skin without any grains, abrasives, or acids leaving skin smooth, soft, and glowing—all in just 2 minutes.
INCLUDES: 1 box of GenM 2 Minute Miracle Gel packets (30 count)

Check out all these amazing benefits:
• Lightly cleanses without sulfates that dry skin out
• Tones by balancing out all skin types to optimal levels
• Exfoliates without the use of harsh abrasives
• Brightens by removing the dull surface layer of dead skin
• Hydrates and plumps, leaving skin soft and smooth
• Minimizes the look of pores by keeping them void of debris
• Primes the skin to ensure flawless makeup application
• Suited for use on the face, neck, décolletage, and body
• For all skin types and complexion including sensitive skin.

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Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils Are Now Available!

We have good news – the wait is over! Every Essence product is now available for purchase.

Isagenix Essence Essential Oil Products

Let’s look at what is available:

Experience Collection
This Package Has Everything You Need – Click Here!

Complete Collection
Enjoy all the benefits of every oil with the Essence Complete Collection. – Click Here!

Singles Collection
100 percent pure and responsibly sourced essential oils. The very best nature has to offer. -Click Here!

Blends Collection
Essence Blends Collection takes the guesswork and complexity out of essential oils. – Click Here

Single Essential Oils (All are large 15ml bottles)

Frankincense – For Skin Health, Decompress, Physical Well-Being

Peppermint – Digestive Health, Refreshing and Uplifting, Post-Workout Cooling

Lavender -Calming, Relaxing, Stress Relief, Bedtime Routine, Sleep Support

Eucalyptus Oil – Revitalize and Stimulate

Tea Tree Oil - Skin, Scalp and Overall Health

Lemon – Refreshing and Uplifting, Immune Health

Blended  Essential Oils (All are large 15ml bottles)

DefenseShield - Immune Health* Refreshing And Uplifting

TumBliss -For Calming and Digestive Health

Content - Hanger Management and Weight Wellness

AirWay – Revitalize and Stimulate

You may learn more about and order any of the above essential oils by clicking on the links above.

IsaGenix Releases New Essence Essential Oil Products

Isagenix has just released their new line of Essential Oils. These are very high quality oils. I have worked with high quality Oils (Young Living) and while at this point they don’t have the complete assortment that Young Living has they seem to be of the same high quality. Isagenix has always prided itself on having products of the highest quality. One thing for sure you can save money over the products from Young Living.

Isagenix Essence Essential Oil Products

Today, it takes the next step in wellness with a solution to help transform your life! Say hello to Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil.

Whether you’re an essential oil veteran or completely new to the genre, there are tons of exciting features and benefits that make Essence stand out from the crowd:

Crafted by Nature, Supported by Science

There’s a science to everything—even the ancient art of using essential oils to help you feel your best. At Isagenix, using compounds found in essential oils in many of our products is second nature. In fact, we’ve been harnessing the power of botanicals for more than 16 years, so you can enjoy all the benefits and the very best that nature has to offer.

Doing a World of Good for Wellness

Doing good and feeling good go hand in hand. That’s why every Essence product we offer has pure ingredients. We also handle each oil with the utmost care to remain 100 percent pure. Why? Because we think doing the right thing isn’t just good — it’s essential.

Pure Oils, No Compromises

Settling for less than the best probably isn’t part of your wellness plan and should be no different for essential oils. That’s why every oil in our Essence line is carefully selected and third-party tested as well as backed by our no-compromise to quality. What does this mean for you? Pure peace of mind with every drop.

Singles, Blends & Collection

The Essence lineup features six single oils and four blends, each with their own unique features and benefits to support your well-being. The single oils are Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Tea Tree, and Peppermint. The blends are DefenseShield™, AirWay™, Content™, and TumBliss™.

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IsaGenix New Isalean Pro Shake Flavor Cookies and Cream

IsaGenix has released a new high protein product- IsaLean®PRO Cookies & Cream. This is a new flavor of this great protein product. New IsaGenix Cookies & Cream IsaLean Pro IsaLean Pro shakes are the fat-busting, muscle-building breakthrough the world’s been waiting for. With IsaLean Pro, you’ll get leaner, faster and stay stronger, longer.  This exclusive flavor will be available for purchase in the US and Puerto Rico starting tomorrow, Aug. 22. Unfortunately, we are not able to release the products in Canada at this time. Due to regulatory procedures, we are currently waiting for product registration approvals from the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) before our Canadian distribution centers have the authority to ship this new product.
This specialized nutrition is great for athletes, active people and teens who want to gain muscle and for those trying to break through weight-loss plateaus, lose stubborn belly or harmful visceral fat.
It’s also beneficial for older adults who want to prevent age-related muscle loss. IsaLean PRO Shake contains a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids to naturally boost muscle growth and maintenance while helping speed post-workout recovery.
This nutritious 240-calorie meal replacement is loaded with 23 essential vitamins to help fuel your days as well as provide:
A superior branched-chain amino acid profile.
24 grams of high-quality undenatured whey protein.
Active enzymes to ease digestion.
Check out this great product – Click Here!


New IsaGenix Product IsaLean®PRO Strawberry Cream

IsaGenix has released a new high protein product- IsaLean®PRO Strawberry Cream.  This is  a new flavor of this great protein product.
New IsaGenix Strrawberry Cream IsaLean Pro
IsaLean Pro shakes are the fat-busting, muscle-building breakthrough the world’s been waiting for. With IsaLean Pro, you’ll get leaner, faster and stay stronger, longer.

This specialized nutrition is great for athletes, active people and teens who want to gain muscle and for those trying to break through weight-loss plateaus, lose stubborn belly or harmful visceral fat. It’s also beneficial for older adults who want to prevent age-related muscle loss. IsaLean PRO Shake contains a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids to naturally boost muscle growth and maintenance while helping speed post-workout recovery.

  • Curbs hunger
  • Boosts fat burning, especially visceral fat
  • Maximizes lean muscle gain
  • Active enzymes to aid digestion


 “In my book ‘The Right Protein for Muscle and Strength, I lauded the whey protein concentrate, the same one in Isagenix products. It’s the best formula out there.” –Dr. Michael Colgan, Best-Selling Sports Author and Trainer

“It’s completely changed my life. Isagenix is easy, pure and delivers more energy than you’ve ever experienced, even with food.”- Lori Harder, Isagenix Athlete, Personal Trainer, Nutritional Consultant, Ms. Figure America, Ms. Bikini America, Ms. Bikini Universe *A real Isagenix® product user. Not a paid model.

“When we diet we lose muscle; it’s inevitable! But the Isagenix system fortifies the body to prevent muscle loss. It created a tighter physique for my clients and allows them to stay conditioned.” –Cathy Savage, Fitness Coach

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New IsaGenix Product CytoActives with CoQ10, Vitamin D3, Resveratrol

IsaGenix releases a brand new product CytoActives. CytoActives helps support the body in rebuilding and restoring its vital systems, increase energy production, and combat the effects of cellular aging.
Isagenix CytoActives CoQ10, Resveratrol, Antioxidants

A revolutionary formula combining CoQ10, vitamin D3, tocotrienols, and resveratrol to support youthful energy, cell function, and overall health. Over time, we begin to lose our ability to fully synthesize some of these nutrients. With CytoActives, you can support your body’s key systems by providing the nutrients it needs to help benefit heart, liver, bone, muscle, skin, cellular, and brain health.

CoQ10, vitamin D3, resveratrol, and full-spectrum vitamin E with tocotrienols along with a blend of Adaptogens, botanicals, and antioxidants.


Over time, we begin to lose our ability to fully synthesize the nutrients we need. CytoActives works to nourish your body at the cellular level using the latest bioactive ingredients to help offset factors that contribute to age-related decline.*

 For more information on CytoActives – Click Here!






For Limited Time Pumpkin Spice IsaLean Protein Shake

For a limited time treat yourself to a fall season flavor with Pumpkin Spice IsaLean Shake. This balanced, 240-calorie meal replacement is clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and lean muscle growth with 24 grams of high-quality protein.

Pumpkin Spice IsaLean Protein Shake

You’ll love each sip of our smooth IsaLean shake. This deliciously complete meal replacement contains 23 grams of the highest quality New Zealand whey and casein protein from grass-fed cows with no added hormones or antibiotics, as well as filling fiber, calcium and vitamins to support your body’s vital functions. This perfectly balanced shake also contains Ionic Alfalfa™, our proprietary blend of 70 super-charged minerals, trace minerals and alfalfa juice. Active enzymes in each serving helps maximize the absorption of key nutrients.

IsaLean Shakes are an important part of your Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System and may help you slim down, while preserving and building lean muscle mass.*

  • Benefits: May support your body in burning fat*
  • May support increased energy*
  • Highest quality of amino acids
  • Exclusive source of whey and casein protein
  • Supports digestive health*
  • Low lactose
  • Zero trans fats
  • No artificial flavors
  • Gluten-Free
  • Wheat-Free

For More Information IsaLean Protein Shakes – Click Here!

To Order Pumpkin Spice IsaLean Protein - Click Here!


IsaGenix Brain Boost Product Scientists Measure Brain Neurons

IsaGenix Brain Boost Neuron Study

Big Important News

For the first time in history, over 1,000 scientists representing more than 130 universities participating in the Human Brain Project have accurately counted the number of neurons in the brain—an impressive 89 billion. (Neurons are cells of the nervous system that control our ability to learn, pay attention, make decisions, and balance.) Even the best computers, which are equivalent to about 200 million brain cells, still have less than 1 millionth the potential of the human brain!

Note: Check out the very impressive study results below with the IsaGenix Brain Boost product.


Although the human brain is a powerhouse, it experiences changes that can impair cognition during aging. Research has found progressive declines in memory, learning, attention, balance, motor movement, and decision-making for those older than 35. Imaging of the human brain confirms cell losses in discrete areas that accompany specific cognitive impairments:

  • Prefrontal cortex: A crucial area for attention, decision-making, and working memory.
  • Hippocampus: Its neurons produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine—essential for the formation of new memories.
  • Motor cortex: The substantia nigra whose neurons produce the neurotransmitter dopamine—critical for attention, decision-making, working memory, balance, and motor movement.

The  Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System was designed precisely for superior brain support.

The Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System

The latest research shows that age-related cognitive decline begins in healthy adults in their 30s and continues throughout advanced aging. Addressing brain health support and cognitive function early in life can dramatically support a better quality of life in later years.

Brain Boost & Renewal™ is a multifunctional product scientifically formulated to support healthy brain function, including mental focus, concentration, decision-making, and memory. When taken daily, Brain Boost & Renewal can support your ability to learn new information and provides dietary support for aiding memory and overall brain function.

Optimizing Brain Nutrition

In collaboration with Isagenix scientists, Dr. Michael Colgan, Ph.D., CCN, began research focused on brain nutrition. The team reviewed hundreds of studies to identify a number of ingredients that support different parts of brain function. Several of these studies reported nutrient combinations that worked together to support brain function beyond the use of individual nutrients alone.†

To evaluate Brain Boost & Renewal, Dr. Colgan and Isagenix performed a pilot study comparing the product against two other formulations. After six weeks of supplementation with one of the three products, the subjects underwent four cognitive assessments. The results with Brain Boost & Renewal were impressive:

  • Memory functions were tested by measuring how many items a subject could keep in the mind at a time, using online-based programs to assess the brain’s memory. The results showed a 19 percent increase in memory retention.
  • Quicker brain response was tested by measuring visual motor skills in which participants were given a pencil-to-paper, trail-making test to indicate cognitive impairment and executive function. The results showed a 12 percent increase in overall cognitive function measured by improved response time.
  • Balance was tested by requiring participants to balance on one leg with their arms out and eyes closed while being timed for duration, and results showed a 33 percent increase in balance duration time.
  • Decision-making was measured by testing how quickly the brain could process incoming information using hearing equipment that delivered rapid sounds in which participants would determine the measure of pitch being either high, low, or both. The results showed a 33 percent increase in decision-making based on improved response time.

Give the The  Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System a try – Click Here to buy or for more info.



News – IsaGenix is Featured in First Issue of Transformed Lives Magazine

Big News IsaGenix has been Featured in First Issue of Transformed Lives Magazine. This is a new publication which focuses on both physical and financial transformations. The initial August 2016 issue of Transforming Lives is exclusively about Isagenix. In the magazine readers will see a variety of transformations including weight loss, energy, performance, healthy aging, and wealth creation.

IsaGenix In Transformed Live Magazine

The full-color, glossy magazine features some jaw-dropping before-and-after photos of Isagenix customers.

IsaGenix In Transformed Live Magazine

“Isagenix is honored to be represented in the inaugural issue of Transforming Lives. This is a great form of validation and support to give our customers who use our products daily…”

IsaGenix In Transformed Live Magazine

Here we have a gentleman who’s now 107 pounds lighter using the IsaGenix products. His story is featured in the Transformed Lives Magazine.

IsaGenix In Transformed Live Magazine

Here in the image above we see the various IsaGenix Weight Management products. Also see in the image is a lady who as you can see lost some significant weight using these products. It almost looks as if two people can fit in those pants she used to wear.

Check out these various IsaGenix Product Testimonies – Click Here!


IsaGenix Plant Based Products for Vegetarians, Vegans and Lactose Intolerant

Whether you have an allergy to dairy, you are vegetarian or vegan, or you’re just looking for plant-based options, enjoying a plant-based lifestyle can be a healthy choice.
IsaGenix Plant Baserd Protein Products
IsaLean® Dairy-Free Shakes and the new IsaLean® Dairy-Free Bars are two plant-based options.

When it comes to weight loss, there are two great Isagenix Systems that can help you maintain a dairy-free lifestyle.
The Isagenix 30-Day System includes:

NEW dairy-free shake flavors in Vanilla Chai, Rich Chocolate, or Natural Berry Harvest
Dairy-free Natural Wild Berry Isagenix Snacks™

You can also purchase the Custom 30-Day System with dairy-free IsaLean Bars in Chocolate Berry Bliss or Chocolate Peanut Butter. You can even choose the dairy-free, 4-day Cleanse Support Kit with dairy-free Isagenix Snacks in Natural Wild Berry.

The dairy-free shakes are a good way to achieve your weight-loss goals, especially when combined with the 30-Day System or the Custom 30-Day System. They are low-glycemic and contain fiber to fill you up and support weight management. In addition, they have just the right amount of high-quality protein to support lean muscle growth.

Healthy Aging

If you are more focused on Healthy Aging, try the Custom Healthy Aging and Telomere Support System. Make the system work for you by choosing dairy-free IsaLean Shake in Vanilla Chai, Rich Chocolate, or Natural Berry Harvest. You can also add the dairy-free, 4-day Cleanse Support Kit with Natural Wild Berry Isagenix Snacks to your order.

Why Plant-Based Nutrition?

Plant-based protein is perfect for vegetarian and vegan diets and a great addition to a dairy-free lifestyle. The IsaLean Shakes and IsaLean Bars Dairy-Free are made with a proprietary blend of high-quality pea and rice protein, or pea and hemp protein, depending on the flavor.

About the Dairy-Free Bars and Shakes

IsaLean Shake Dairy-Free uses high-quality, plant-based protein, no-compromise ingredients, and a great-tasting balance of nutrition.

  • 22 grams of protein or more per serving
  • Great source of fiber
  • An option for our 30-Day System
  • Formulated as a full meal replacement
  • A smooth, great-tasting, plant-based shake
  • Plant-based, dairy-free, vegetarian-friendly, soy-free, and gluten-free

IsaLean Bar Dairy-Free shares a similar nutritional profile to the traditional IsaLean Bar and dairy-free IsaLean Shakes.

  • 19 grams of pea and whole-grain brown rice protein to offer a complete protein and amino acid profile
  • Supports weight loss and lean muscle building
  • Plant-based, dairy-free, vegetarian-friendly, soy-free, and gluten-free


More Information  on IsaLean Dairy Free IsaLean Protein Bars – Click Here!

More information on IsaLean Dairy Free Protein Shake- Click Here!

IsaLean Dairy Free Protein Shake FAQ- Click Here!

Isagenix are world leaders in nutritional cleansing & Telomere Support -over the past 8 years they have helped more than 200,000 people improve their health & lose weight.