IsaGenix Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System

Perhaps you suffer from backaches or joint pain. There are many occupations that put a lot of stress on the knees especially, carpenters, plumbers, etc.
Ageless Joint Support and Pain Relief
Or maybe your a current or ex-athlete with knee and joint issues suffered in your sport. Whether you’re just now feeling the effects of years of abuse on your muscles and joints, or perhaps it’s the results of current stress the Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System is for you.

Here’s how the Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System works:

  • Botanicals & Herbs Blended Just For Your Cartilage. As we age, our joints experience wear and tear and need specific herbs and botanicals to rebuild. Often, we’re not getting the nutrients we need. The proprietary blend of scientifically-supported ingredients in Ageless Joint Support™ provides advanced, triple-action support. First, super nutrients like the highest quality Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM support healthy cartilage in the joint while also helping to rejuvenate cartilage that has been lost due to wear and tear.
  • Natural Comfort For the Ache. Secondly, comforting botanicals such as Boswellia and Turmeric included in Ageless Joint Support act to soothe joint flare-ups for overall joint health. Forget the expensive and inconvenient multiple supplements, now you can get the joint support you need in one revolutionary formula.
  • On-the-Spot Relief For the Pain. Ageless Pain Relief™ Cream is aptly named; the topical cream includes natural pain relievers to penetrate deep for a soothing relief that includes a refreshing menthol scent. Greaseless and non-toxic, the cream’s all-natural formula is fast-absorbing and is great for arthritis sufferers or even athletes who have a little more soreness after a workout.

In tests performed in our pain clinics, 88.41% of people with chronic joint problems enjoyed significant results with the Joint and Pain Relief System. Here’s what people had to say:

“I’ve had a lot of problems with my knees and neck. Within a week of starting the Joint and Pain Relief System, I noticed a significant difference. Finally, I was able to enjoy outdoor activities again! Yes, I’ve tried many other products, in fact I have a whole medicine cabinet full of them. But now I’ve gotten rid of them because the Joint and Pain Relief System has been so effective. Together, both products give me the long- and short-term relief that I need. Now I plan to train for that 100-mile bike ride in Hawaii that I have always wanted to do. Who knows? I may even dive in Fiji next summer. The world is my oyster!” — Angela S.

“I’ve had back pain for probably about 10 years and I have tried virtually everything including physical therapy, a TENS machine, back raises, ointments, surgery, chiropractic, magnets, surgery—you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve used the Joint and Pain Relief System for about two weeks now and I’ve noticed an improvement. At first I started riding my stationary bike for 10 minutes and walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes. But now, I’m riding my stationary bike for 30 minutes. This system allows me to exercise more without the pain—I couldn’t have said that eight years ago!” — Jim R.

I would encourage you to try these 2 great products.

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Product B Antioxidants Plus Telomeres Support Ingredients Info

Product B™ by Isagenix delivers advanced levels of key anti-aging ingredients designed specifically to aid in telomere support.

Product B Antioxidants Plus Telomeres Support Logo
As part of a nutritional anti-aging program formulated to nourish and protect cells, tissues, and organs in the body, Product B guards against the ravages of aging by supporting telomeres at the cellular level.

Product B offers superior DNA- and cell-health protection against harmful free radical attacks by providing the body with a comprehensive array of important antioxidants and nutrients.

Isagenix Product B is scientifically-formulated to provide healthy telomere support at the cellular level….Product B provides what we believe is the most powerful telomere support on the market.

We have a new webpage below which list the ingredients in the new Product B Antioxidants Plus Telomere Support Product.

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IsaGenix Product B™ with Antioxidants Telomere Support

You have a unique opportunity to start today with the introduction of Product B™ with Antioxidants and Telomere Support!
IsaGenix Product B Telomere Support with Antioxidants
Isagenix has done it again! IsaGenix is the world leader in whole-body nutritional cleansing and replenishing. Our unique systems and focus have helped set the stage. Now it’s time to lead the industry in supporting youthful aging!

Product B with Antioxidants Plus Telomere Support is in part the result of pain-staking efforts in the cutting-edge field of telomere support and the benefits of antioxidants to living a healthier life.

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Telomeres and Dietary Fiber is There a Link?

New evidence published in Archives of Internal Medicine has it that eating more dietary fiber, particularly from whole grains, could lead to a longer life. The large study found a high-fiber diet reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, as well as infectious and respiratory illnesses.

This is great news for those eating diets high in fiber. What’s also interesting is that another reason why dietary fiber is protective to health is because of its influence on telomeres. Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of chromosomes, and their length is considered the closest way to measure lifespan in humans.

As reported in a prospective cohort study published in the March 2010 edition of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN), telomere length is positively associated with higher fiber intake in women. Dietary fiber from whole grains appears to provide the strongest benefit.

In addition, in the AJCN study, the researchers found telomere length was effected negatively as a person’s  waist size increased. Also higher intake of omega-6 fatty acids in the diet had a negative effect on Telomere length. People need to get more Omega-3 Fatty acids in their diet and less of the Omega-6′s.

Here is what is interesting. Certain habits that you would think would have a bigger effect on telomere length didn’t. Eating too much and being over weight tended to decrease telomere length. However, physical activity itself in one study with women showed no effect on telomere lengths. This same study interestingly enough showed that smoking and postmenopausal hormone use also had no negative effect on telomeres.

Because the study was only observational, the authors reported that further investigation is necessary to further illuminate the link between dietary fiber and telomere length.

Excellent whole grain examples (high in fiber) are rolled oats, buckwheat, whole wheat, and wild rice. The grains contain the entire grain kernel, which include the bran, germ and endosperm. Less than 5 percent of Americans consume the minimum recommended amount of whole grains, which is about 3 ounce-equivalents per day, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Americans barely receive half the amounts of dietary fiber recommended daily. How much dietary fiber is enough? The recommended amounts are 25 grams of fiber for women and 38 grams of fiber for men.

The AJCN study was among the first to document the relationship between diet and telomere length. The authors of the study concluded that the results provided more support that an improved diet and lifestyle would indeed help to slow the aging process.

“Telomere shortening is accelerated by oxidative stress and inflammation, and diet affects both of these processes,” the authors report. That is what was interesting about the observation that smoking had no real effect on telomeres at least for the length of the study.

In summary the following activities and habits had a positive beneficial affect on telomeres.

Most people have trouble getting enough fiber in their diet from the foods they eat. That’s why IsaGenix FiberPro™ Multi-Fiber Complex is such a great supplement to be sure you get enough fiber every day.

Telomere Telomerase Aging Research Dr. Bill Andrews

World Renown Aging Researcher Dr Bill Andrews has teamed with John Anderson of IsaGenix. They are working on a Telomerase Enzyme inducer scheduled for a preliminary release in June and a full release in August 2011.
Image of Telomeres
A new study on mice published in Scientific American has added validation to research that is being performed by Bill Andrews, Ph.D., who has partnered with Isagenix Founder John Anderson to “turn back the clock” on aging.

Their approach is to screen thousands of natural product compounds a week to turn on the enzyme, telomerase, in cells to protect telomere length and reverse its loss.

Telomeres are protective sequences of repetitive non-coding DNA segments found at the end of chromosomes. In recent years, telomere length has been hypothesized to be the closest way to measure lifespan in humans.
Telomerase study on Mice
In this latest study, Harvard Medical School researchers found that mice lacking telomerase aged much more rapidly, and died earlier, as an abundance of critically short telomeres developed. But when the enzyme was reawakened in the mice, age-related symptoms disappeared and rejuvenation was seen in several organs including their brains.

The study, which was led by geneticist Dr. Ronald Depinho, presents a strong case for advancing research for turning on telomerase in humans as a  potential anti-aging therapy.

In addition, Dr. Depinho explained that the study helps put concerns to rest that turning on telomerase was potentially cancerous.

Dr. Andrews adds, “This study is really just another nail in the coffin for the idea that telomerase induction would lead to cancer. Even as early as 2002, a review of 86 publications showed that telomerase is not a carcinogen or oncogene.”

In fact, telomerase stimulation is far from harmful, and in fact, has the potential to bring a new paradigm to what it means to age gracefully and achieve a healthier, longer life.

“Just as telomerase activation reversed degeneration in the organs of these mice, we expect that it can do the same for humans,” said Dr. Andrews. “Telomerase activation technology promises to be the most significant advance in human health since germ theory.”

Anderson said, “What we’re doing is going to change the world, but it shouldn’t be seen as a ‘holy grail,’ only another way of improving your health.” He explained that stimulation of telomerase should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, optimal nutrition, nutritional cleansing, avoidance of toxic chemicals, and regular exercise.

Dr. Andrews and Anderson are launching a nutraceutical that will turn on telomerase exclusively through Isagenix in June with a full release in August 2011.

IsaGenix World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing Weight Loss

IsaGenix IsaLean Meal-Replacement Shakes -Isogenics

In our last blog post we discussed some of the reasons why the the IsaGenix (Isagenics) IsaLean Meal Replacement Shakes are the very best on the market. I won’t repeat what was said but you can read that post here:
IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes
3 Reasons Why IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes Are Best
Here now are additional reasons why the IsaGenix (Isagenics) IsaLean Shakes are the very best on the market.

First is the high amount of protein in each IsaLean Shake. Each serving of the the IsaLean Shale delivers a full 23 grams of protein. Some shakes deliver about half of that. The correct amount of protein to trigger a protein synthesis response is at least 20 grams and is dependent upon the amounts of branched-chain amino acids that are highest in whey protein- not soy protein isolate, which is the first (and primary) ingredient listed in other shakes on the  market. IsaLean Shake is truly the meal replacement of choice for losing weight while maintaining and building muscle.

Second IsaGenix uses No artificial ingredients in their IsaLean Shake. Be wary of products touting “natural,” if you haven’t checked the ingredient list watch out for sucralose, mixing agents, and more.

Third Isagenix uses only the very best dairy protein that is produced in New Zealand, where dairy cows are never given artificial hormones and enjoy a quality life on pasture.
Their fresh milk, exceeding USDA organic standards,
is guided through a series of fine filters under low heat to separate whey from other dairy components such as fats and lactose. This gentle system uses no acids, keeping the protein in a natural state, undenatured as they should be. Moreover, the IsaGenix Quality Assurance Department inspects all ingredients to test potency, amino acid profile, as well as the presence of microbial content, pesticides and heavy metals to ensure the purest product possible.

Fourth only IsaGenix IsaLean Shakes contain their exclusive Ionic Alfalfa™. A proprietary blend of plant-complexed minerals, providing additional support for the body.

While IsaLean Shake retails at around $3.64 per meal, its cost is $2.78 at the Associate and Preferred Customer Price. Be wary of cost comparisons touted by competitors that are simply artificially-flavored soy protein supplements versus full meal replacements. And don’t forget, water is free; many of the competitors require milk to be a suitable meal replacement.

IsaGenix is so confident in the quality of their products, they offer a 100% satisfaction or your money back-guaranteed. Isagenix is more than a weight-loss company. We offer a complete line of nutritional products for long term health, providing products for
cleansing, replenishing nutritional support, nutritional snacks and foods, anti-aging protection and skin care.

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3 Reasons Why IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes Are Best

There certainly a lot of protein shake meal replacement shakes on the market. Every thing from Slim Fast to a number of other protein shake meal replacement products.
IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes
Here is why we believe the IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes are the very best of all.

First there is no compromise of ingredients in the product. Only the very best protein and other raw ingredients are used.

Second they are a complete, full-meal replacement. Unlike many other shakes out there that require milk in order to create a true meal replacement option, you don’t need milk for IsaLean Shakes. And, the shakes do their job. The calories are controlled and your body gets what it needs without having to worry about your muscles suffering due to lack of nutrition. providing optimal support. Plus these are a full meal not just a snack shake. They provide optimal support for Nutritional Cleansing and
Replenishing, weight loss and weight maintenance, as well as peak
performance. While low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol, IsaLean Shake is high in protein, healthy poly- and mono-unsaturated fats, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals (including calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin D). Plus, you get active digestive enzymes that help break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats and help maximize absorption of key nutrients. Many products touted as “meal-replacements” are  designed to control calories, and don’t deliver adequate nutrition or the most efficacious amount of protein to stave off muscle loss that often accompanies weight loss.

IsaLean Shakes only need to be blended with water for a satisfying meal replacement while many other shakes on the market tout their nutrition without identifying that they must be mixed with milk in order to be a proper meal replacement, thus increasing the sugar, sodium, cholesterol, and possibly fat.

Third IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes contain the right amount of protein. In order to trigger a protein synthesis response, your body needs at least 20 grams of protein. Many shakes offer less than half of that! IsaLean Shakes include 23 grams of protein. The correct amount of protein to trigger a protein synthesis response is at least 20 grams and is dependent upon the amounts of branched-chain amino acids that are highest in whey protein-not soy protein isolate, which is the first (and primary) ingredient listed in other shakes on the market. IsaLean Shake is truly the meal replacement of choice for losing weight while maintaining and building muscle.

Plus, if you’re looking for even more, you can add a scoop or two of our pure, undenatured whey protein IsaPro® for a boost.

Clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and weight management:

In a major university study where two IsaLean Shakes replaced two meals each day for 7 days, participants experienced a greater percentage of weight loss with an average of six pounds when compared to results obtained from other protein shakes on the market.

Fourth is the affordable per-meal cost. At just $3.64 per meal, or $2.78 for the Preferred Customer and Associate price, you’re replacing a meal for less than what you could get at the fast food joint nearby. And, since IsaLean Shakes only require water (which is FREE) unlike some shakes that need milk, factoring the cost and the savings to your grocery bill are a cinch!

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Another article The Truth About Cleansing and Weight Loss details that Chemicals and Toxins Are The Primary Cause of Illness, Disease and Obesity!

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