Losing Over 200 Pounds is a Life Changing Story

This story about Krista brings out the humanity side of every product. Her story makes you realize that product is more than a bottle, or pills or a liquid. It represents hope and an opportunity for a new beginning, a new tomorrow where there is less pain and more joy. How can you put a price tag on changed lives.

IsaGenix Weight Loss Success Story Krista F. Before Pictures
IsaGenix Weight Loss Success Story Krista F. After Pictures
Krista F. Before and After Pictures as she drops over 200 Pounds

Put yourself in her shoes at over 400 pounds. I can only imagine the pain she must have felt as people stared at her, maybe even letting a stray comment slip. Not to mention I imagine it would be pretty tiring caring around at least one extra person (in terms of weight) all the time.

Plus the life expectency of people this overweight is not exactly very high. You can’t place a value on human life, every person has their hopes and dreams and desires. And in this case the IsaGenix products as you will read in her comments below have given Krista hope and an opportunity to live her dreams.

“This is something to keep me healthy for the rest of my life,” says Krista. “It was an answer to my prayers.”

Not only did she begin to lose weight, but her energy level skyrocketed. Working all day as a first grade teacher became less of a challenge – she could finally keep up with her students.

“I never used to care what I wore, but I love shopping now,” Krista says with a laugh. “I just feel so much better about myself.”

“It still amazes me that I found something that works this well and is this easy,” says Krista who’s a Consultant. “It’s something I can do the rest of my life. I’m not going to quit Isagenix even after I reach my goal weight.”

“Everything is so much easier now. I’m much more outgoing and I have energy at the end of the day,” explains Krista. “When we do school field trips, walking with the kids isn’t nearly as hard anymore. I’m even leading the pack.”

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