New Isamune® Plus With Zinc for Common Cold

Fend Off Foreign Invaders With the New IsaGenix Isamune® Plus With Zinc. With Winter approaching so is cold season.

The newest addition in the battle against the cold has arrived-and it even has a new flavor and optimized spray pump! Featuring immune-boosting zinc and three other new ingredients, your body will be ready for anything.

Sporting new, immune-boosting ingredients, a sweet Island Breeze flavor (think hints of pomegranate and spearmint) and even a newly optimized spray pump, your body will be ready to fend off germy invaders, allergens and more during the chilly winter months.

So why take Isamune Plus versus some of the “other guys” at the drug store? Here are five reasons:
IsaGenix Isamune Plus With Zinc
1. Convenient. No need to dissolve it or swallow it. Simply spray Isamune Plus into your mouth up to five times daily and you’re good to go.

2. Bovine colostrum. Colostral proteins awaken organs, glands and other functions in newborns and these bio-proteins help normalize, maintain and regulate body function as we age. Supplementing with natural perfect proteins may help maintain a more balanced immune system.

3. Zinc. Did you know that if you’re even a teensy bit deficient in zinc, your immune system may be compromised? That’s because zinc helps guard your immune system. Another benefit? Studies show that if zinc is administered within 24 hours of the onset of a cold, you could see a reduction in the severity and length of your cold.

4. Echinacea. This member of the daisy family offers medicinal qualities that help support your body during cold and flu season.

5. Reishi mushrooms. Really! These little guys are highly regarded for their immune-modulating properties and overall health benefits to help increase your vigor and youthful vitality.

Protect yourself against those icky foreign invaders this cold and flu season by grabbing this key immune-booster right away! Your body will be more prepared to battle allergies, colds and the flu with this powerfully handy supplement.

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