Product B Telomeres Support by Isagenix is nominated for the World’s first supplement of the year award

Product B Telomeres Support by Isagenix is nominated for the World’s first supplement of the year award.
Alive Conference Product B Telomeres Support IsaGenix
ALIVE New York 2012 is the World’s biggest celebrity health event and awards show taking place June 21st & 22nd, 2012.

This is the first time where such an announcement has been made in the health & wellness industry. The new anti-aging science regarding Telomeres, won the the Noble Prize in Medicine, has made Isagenix’s new Product B, the most advanced supplement known to mankind in this day and age. With the telomere science quickly evolving, it is no surprise that this is the year that the world has decided to vote on a “The World’s Supplement of the Year Award”.

Isagenix has more patents than any company worldwide in the telomere research and development field. Product B is leading the way in anti-aging telomere science.

ALIVE New York will be global live streaming in over 50 countries with speakers such as David Wolfe, Dr. Robert Young author of “The pH Miracle”, Brendan Brazier, Founder of Vega, and more. It is estimated that the audience of ALIVE New York will potentially surpass 30 million viewers through the live stream.

There is also talk that the Isagenix formulators of Product B, Dr. John Anderson and DNA Telomere Research Dr.Bill Andrews will also be there to explain at this pay per view event the telomere roll behind aging and why it is having such a huge impact recently in the anti-aging & wellness industries.

With this science, the researches have found a way to stop and reverse the aging process in rats so far. Since it’s release in April of 2011, Product B by Isagenix consumers are making bold statements regarding how more vibrant and healthy they feel just after a month’s of use. Reports of amazing energy and mental clarity have also been noticed almost instantly. Research on the results is currently underway.
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