Isagenix Clinical Study Provides Visual Evidence of Visceral Fat Reduction

This really is some pretty big news. Visceral fat often referred to as belly fat is the fat around organs that can lead to metabolic syndrome characterized by abdominal obesity, elevated triglycerides, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and impaired glucose tolerance.

A person with metabolic syndrome is twice as likely to develop heart disease and five times as likely to develop diabetes.

The IsaGenix Weight Loss – Management System is proven to produce far greater results than just a Heart Healthy Diet.

See the Following Chart:

You can see below in the before and after picture the reduction of visceral fat around the organs. (The visceral fat is the white stuff within the outlined area)

On average, the MRI scans showed that subjects in the group taking Isagenix products lost two times as much visceral fat as those who followed a “heart-healthy” diet in the study. A slight decrease in subcutaneous fat—the thick white outer layer outside of the outlined section—can also be seen when comparing the before and after images.

Our main finding was that weight loss was actually greater in the Isagenix group. On average they lost 3.9 kg, so that works out to be around 9 pounds or so. Obviously, some lost more and some less, but the Isagenix group lost 3 pounds more on average than the other diet. We also saw those changes with fat mass. With Isagenix, we saw slightly greater reductions (although not significant) in fat mass. Neither group lost a significant amount of lean mass, which is great because you want to maintain your muscle mass to keep your metabolic rate higher and that allows you to burn more calories per hour.

Even though it wasn’t statistically significant between groups, we found that there was a much greater reduction in visceral fat in the Isagenix group -about twice as much. They lost 0.7 kg, about 2 pounds. I find that amazing -they lost 2 pounds around their organs, that’s a lot!

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