Video of Independent Study of IsaGenix Weight Loss Products

Recently a clinical study demonstrated that theĀ  IsaGenix Weight Loss – Management System is proven to produce far greater results than just a Heart Healthy Diet. Especially in terms of getting rid of visceral or belly fat.

The following video is of a panel of doctors and health professionals discussing the importance of the study findings.

Watch this Independent Study Review on YouTube – Click Here!

The IsaGenix System consists of one or the other of the following 2 products:

(Both of these contain the same individual products – the 30 Day System just provides you more to last 30 days instead of 9 Days)

The IsaGenix 9-Day Weightloss System – Click Here for Details


The IsaGenix 30-Day Weight Loss System – Click Here for Details

Link to this IsaGenix Weight loss Study – Click Here!

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