Matt Dunning Australian Rugby Star Amazing Weight Loss With IsaGenix

The former Australian Rugby Star  Matt Dunning has dropped weight like a rock. Over 40kg – 90 pounds. He looks like a whole new person. People he knew didn’t hardly recognize him.

Matt Dunning before losing 45kg

Watch this video below.

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What makes his transformation more remarkable is that he was overweight as a professional athlete, yet became fitter in retirement. Most athletes after their playing career is over put on a lot of weight.

He achieved this taking two IsaGenix IsaLean Protein shakes a day. Plus using the IsaGenix Cleanse for Life product.

Dunning is most famous for kicking the most unlikely of field goals for the Waratahs in 2003.

The Waratahs were chasing the last spot in the semi-finals of the 2003 season, which they would only qualify for but to do this they needed to score a try instead of the field goal scored by Dunning. They need him to  miss the field goal.

As the clocked ticked down, prop Matt Dunning took a snap at a drop goal so the referee would stop the advantage and return play to a penalty called earlier.  Dunning nailed the field goal, securing the Waratahs a win but not a finals berth.

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Grape Seed Extract OPC Nutrition for Telomeres Anti-Aging Support

The following video details many of the benefits of grape seed extract – OPC – one of the many ingredients in Product B Telomeres Anti-Aging Supplement.
Grapes for grape seed extract

Check out the following video.

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Grape seed extract is a very potent antioxidant. One of the main health providing ingredients in it is OPC. OPC’s were pioneered by Dr Jacques Masquelier in the late 1940′s after WWII. Resveratrol is another very valuable polyphenol contained in grape seed extract.

Many believe grape seed extract – OPC is why we have what is called the French Paradox in that people in France who drink a lot of red wine don’t tend to have a lot of heart problems. Even though they smoke and eat a lot of fatty foods.

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