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New Isagenix Cleanse for Life Powder Cleansing Product

Now nearly 3 times more Potent!
New Cleanse for Life Rich Berry Powder
Isagenix Cleanse for Life Powder has been a great product. This excellent product has helped a lot of people lose weight as well as help cleanse the body. As good as the original Cleanse for Life Powder was the new improved Cleanse for Life Natural Rich Berry Powder greatly surpasses it.

With a new incredible flavor, 2- to 3- times the potency for each rare ingredient, and two new ingredients to enhance and improve your cleansing experience, your cleansing just got even easier.

Just what is IsaGenix Cleanse for Life?

Cleanse for Life helps give your body the nutrition it needs to cleanse itself naturally, and unlike other “cleanses,” laxatives or diuretics that can deplete your body, Cleanse for Life nourishes and feeds your entire body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanicals. Now it is greatly improved with the new Natural Rich Berry flavor.

Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life benefits from IsaGenix’s  ongoing research – this is next evolution of this incredible product.

Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life is the Result of Improved Technology

Through improved manufacturing and extraction techniques, the potency of each rare, no-compromise botanical ingredient has been improved. In some cases, the ingredients are 2 to 3 times more potent than the original version because of this improved extraction process that pulls all of the phytochemical properties from the botanicals at the cellular level.

New Ingredients in IsaGenix’s Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life

The new Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life features a higher concentration of bioactives for increased potency for cleansing at the cellular level and greater protection against oxidative stress. Plus, new ingredients burdock and turmeric support liver health and offer a protective effect against toxins.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa): Traditionally used as a digestive aid, turmeric has potent antioxidant activity, supports detoxification, and helps protect against oxidative stress.

Burdock root (Arctium lappa): Increased amounts of burdock to help support liver health and the removal of accumulated waste products via the kidneys, skin and mucus membranes.

New Improved Taste Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life

Thanks to the new extract process and our already naturally-sweet ingredients (such as bilberry, blueberry and raspberry), the new Natural Rich Berry flavor of Cleanse for Life powder will make every Cleanse Day even more enjoyable.

New Isagenix Cleanse for Life Rich Berry Powder

IsaGenix Cleanse for Life Liquid

IsaGenix IsaLean Meal-Replacement Shakes -Isogenics

In our last blog post we discussed some of the reasons why the the IsaGenix (Isagenics) IsaLean Meal Replacement Shakes are the very best on the market. I won’t repeat what was said but you can read that post here:
IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes
3 Reasons Why IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes Are Best
Here now are additional reasons why the IsaGenix (Isagenics) IsaLean Shakes are the very best on the market.

First is the high amount of protein in each IsaLean Shake. Each serving of the the IsaLean Shale delivers a full 23 grams of protein. Some shakes deliver about half of that. The correct amount of protein to trigger a protein synthesis response is at least 20 grams and is dependent upon the amounts of branched-chain amino acids that are highest in whey protein- not soy protein isolate, which is the first (and primary) ingredient listed in other shakes on the  market. IsaLean Shake is truly the meal replacement of choice for losing weight while maintaining and building muscle.

Second IsaGenix uses No artificial ingredients in their IsaLean Shake. Be wary of products touting “natural,” if you haven’t checked the ingredient list watch out for sucralose, mixing agents, and more.

Third Isagenix uses only the very best dairy protein that is produced in New Zealand, where dairy cows are never given artificial hormones and enjoy a quality life on pasture.
Their fresh milk, exceeding USDA organic standards,
is guided through a series of fine filters under low heat to separate whey from other dairy components such as fats and lactose. This gentle system uses no acids, keeping the protein in a natural state, undenatured as they should be. Moreover, the IsaGenix Quality Assurance Department inspects all ingredients to test potency, amino acid profile, as well as the presence of microbial content, pesticides and heavy metals to ensure the purest product possible.

Fourth only IsaGenix IsaLean Shakes contain their exclusive Ionic Alfalfa™. A proprietary blend of plant-complexed minerals, providing additional support for the body.

While IsaLean Shake retails at around $3.64 per meal, its cost is $2.78 at the Associate and Preferred Customer Price. Be wary of cost comparisons touted by competitors that are simply artificially-flavored soy protein supplements versus full meal replacements. And don’t forget, water is free; many of the competitors require milk to be a suitable meal replacement.

IsaGenix is so confident in the quality of their products, they offer a 100% satisfaction or your money back-guaranteed. Isagenix is more than a weight-loss company. We offer a complete line of nutritional products for long term health, providing products for
cleansing, replenishing nutritional support, nutritional snacks and foods, anti-aging protection and skin care.

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3 Reasons Why IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes Are Best

There certainly a lot of protein shake meal replacement shakes on the market. Every thing from Slim Fast to a number of other protein shake meal replacement products.
IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes
Here is why we believe the IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes are the very best of all.

First there is no compromise of ingredients in the product. Only the very best protein and other raw ingredients are used.

Second they are a complete, full-meal replacement. Unlike many other shakes out there that require milk in order to create a true meal replacement option, you don’t need milk for IsaLean Shakes. And, the shakes do their job. The calories are controlled and your body gets what it needs without having to worry about your muscles suffering due to lack of nutrition. providing optimal support. Plus these are a full meal not just a snack shake. They provide optimal support for Nutritional Cleansing and
Replenishing, weight loss and weight maintenance, as well as peak
performance. While low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol, IsaLean Shake is high in protein, healthy poly- and mono-unsaturated fats, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals (including calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin D). Plus, you get active digestive enzymes that help break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats and help maximize absorption of key nutrients. Many products touted as “meal-replacements” are  designed to control calories, and don’t deliver adequate nutrition or the most efficacious amount of protein to stave off muscle loss that often accompanies weight loss.

IsaLean Shakes only need to be blended with water for a satisfying meal replacement while many other shakes on the market tout their nutrition without identifying that they must be mixed with milk in order to be a proper meal replacement, thus increasing the sugar, sodium, cholesterol, and possibly fat.

Third IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes contain the right amount of protein. In order to trigger a protein synthesis response, your body needs at least 20 grams of protein. Many shakes offer less than half of that! IsaLean Shakes include 23 grams of protein. The correct amount of protein to trigger a protein synthesis response is at least 20 grams and is dependent upon the amounts of branched-chain amino acids that are highest in whey protein-not soy protein isolate, which is the first (and primary) ingredient listed in other shakes on the market. IsaLean Shake is truly the meal replacement of choice for losing weight while maintaining and building muscle.

Plus, if you’re looking for even more, you can add a scoop or two of our pure, undenatured whey protein IsaPro® for a boost.

Clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and weight management:

In a major university study where two IsaLean Shakes replaced two meals each day for 7 days, participants experienced a greater percentage of weight loss with an average of six pounds when compared to results obtained from other protein shakes on the market.

Fourth is the affordable per-meal cost. At just $3.64 per meal, or $2.78 for the Preferred Customer and Associate price, you’re replacing a meal for less than what you could get at the fast food joint nearby. And, since IsaLean Shakes only require water (which is FREE) unlike some shakes that need milk, factoring the cost and the savings to your grocery bill are a cinch!

IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes- Click Here
for More Information.

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5 Reasons Why Your Diet’s Not Working Article and More

In this blog post edition we cover a variety of topics. First we have the new health articles page on the website, where we will cover a variety of different health topics.
Cleanse for Life and SlimCakes
We have a new article on this page which details the 5 Reasons Why You Diet’s Not Working. This article details the top 5 primary mistakes people make when dieting, which prevents them from losing the weight they desire in a timely manner.

Another article The Truth About Cleansing and Weight Loss details that Chemicals and Toxins Are The Primary Cause of Illness, Disease and Obesity!

In addition we have 3 new Weight Loss stories from the 100 and 200 lb. Club.

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IsaGenix Cleanse for Life Product- Click Here!

SlimCakes Heart Healthy Snack – Click Here!

Toxins and Dangerous Chemicals You Are Exposed to Daily

The following article largely deals with toxins and pollutants in our environment that we are exposed to everyday. This is important for more than just the health reasons that seem obvious. What most of us are not aware of is how toxins in our body contribute to weight and fat gain. Plus these chemicals and toxins accumulate in our fat tissue. The more chemicals and toxins – the more fat the body manufactures.

Every day, we’re continually exposed to toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the items we touch. Toxins – or xenobiotics – have always been part of the natural environment. Many are made by plants, bacteria, and animals as defenses to keep predators at bay. The greater the abundance of toxins in a species, the more likely they will survive.

The act of living itself also comes to us at a cost. Toxins are produced within the human body from simply being alive day to day. Toxins may, at times, be used to battle foreign bacteria or viruses. These can cause harm as they work to protect the body, but after their job is done, they are detoxified through biochemical processes.

The dangers of toxic build up

In our modern environment, pollution and food processing has increased our toxic load considerably. Humans have added thousands of new chemicals that pollute our air and water. These toxins can often end up in our foods, not just in plants, but concentrated in the animals that we eat. Food is also laden with chemicals in form of pesticides, processing agents and artificial ingredients. Continual flow of pollutants into water sources increases our risk of exposure to toxins. As our bodies are endlessly exposed to toxins, the toxins can overwhelm the body’s natural detoxification defenses.

Pesticides – What’s Hiding on Your Produce?

A farmer’s biggest enemy is anything that will harm his crops before harvest. That’s why guarding against pests and insects is so important in the agricultural industry. But, unfortunately for consumers, the cheapest and easiest way to deal with pests is often by using chemical sprays known as pesticides. While that leads to better growing results for the farmer, it may lead to adverse effects for you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are “acceptable” levels of pesticides found in the food you buy at the grocery store.

But the produce section isn’t the only place you’ll find pesticides. When farmers spray their fields, some of the pesticides make it into rivers and streams thanks to run-off, or seep into the ground and make it to the water table.

This is part 1 of  a 2 part article. In Part 2 we’ll take a look at some of the mechanisms our bodies employ to help us eliminate toxins.

Protect your body from continued exposure to environmental toxins and oxidative stress, which can cause weight gain and premature aging. IsaGenix Cleanse for Life® removes impurities, promotes weight loss, and also protects and nourishes your body at a cellular level.

IsaGenix 9-Day Cleanse System – Click Here!

IsaGenix 30 Day Cleanse System- Click Here!

IsaGenix 30 Day Weight Loss Cleanse + Ageless Pain Relief

ISAGENIX Rejuvity - Joint and Pain Relief System
Here’s something to consider, when you gain weight it does more than make your clothes feel tighter, not to mention the extra stress it places on your heart and health. Gaining weight also places extra stress on your joints, especially your ankles and knees.

Let’s say for example you weight 200 pounds and gain 20 pounds. Now let’s say you jog or run, this places a force on your knees of from 4 – 8 times your body weight. So now instead of 1600 pounds of stress on your knees you’re placing up to 1760 pounds of stress. You multiply that extra amount of weight over a number of years and well you can see why so many people as they age develop joint problems and pain.

So for the joints we have the Isagenix® and the Rejuvity™ Joint and Pain Relief System.

This is part of a three pronged solution to the weight gain and joint pain problem.

  1. First stop the pain – that’s where the IsaGenix Rejuvity Ageless Pain Relief Cream can provide immediate relief.
  2. Second we must manage our weight – by using either the 9 Day Cleanse System or the 30-Day Cleanse System with Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack
  3. Third protect, rejuvenate and soothe your joints over time with Ageless Joint Support™ tablets

By looking to lose those extra pounds with the 30-Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System with Ageless Essentials Daily Pack and replenishing your body with healthy fuel, not only will your joints do a happy dance thanks to the reduced pressure, but when you add the Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System to your routine, they’ll also receive a proprietary blend of scientifically-supported ingredients for advanced, triple-action support.

The following are important proven ingredients for the support of healthy joints.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to support healthy cartilage in the joint. - Contained in IsaGenix Ageless Joint Support.

Comforting botanicals such as Boswellia and Turmeric to soothe joint flare-ups for overall joint health? Contained in IsaGenix Ageless Joint Support.

Soothing relief for muscle aches and arthritis pain thanks to our non-toxic Ageless Pain Relief™ Cream?

Give your joints the relief they’re aching for by letting go of those nagging extra pounds while replenishing what they need to function at their highest potential. Try the 30-Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System with Ageless Essentials Daily Pack and Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System together.

When it comes to weight loss I urge you to check out the IsaGenix 100/200 Pound Weight Loss Club.

Ionic Alfalfa™ Available Only in IsaGenix Products

IONIC ALFALFA™ The Ultimate in Total Nutrition
Ionic Alfalfa
It’s Only Available in Isagenix® Products Ionic Alfalfa™ is a proprietary
technology combining plant source minerals and alfalfa juice extract to enhance and improve its bioavailability.
Using no-compromise ingredients in this “spark plug” of life, these super-charged minerals provide the building blocks that support 95 percent of the body’s functions.
With more than 70 minerals and trace minerals sourced from the ancient and prehistoric beds of organic plant matter located within the Earth, this revolutionary product is so refined and complex, it’s unlike anything else out there.

So what does Ionic Alfalfa™ mean for you and your overall health and wellness?

  • Support for overall health and well-being*
  • Support for normal metabolism*
  • Assists in enzyme processes*
  • Support for blood and tissues*
  • Support for cellular health*
  • “By processing the plant material, purifying it, and concentrating it, we now have the most unique and powerful Ionic mineral source known.”
    –John Anderson, Isagenix® Founder and Master Formulator

    Ionic Alfalfa™ can only be found in Isagenix® Products, so order your favorite IsaGenix products today and share the benefits of this revolutionary ingredient with your team and prospects!

    IsaGenix Cleanse Products like Cleanse for Life

    IsaGenix Nutrition Products Like Ionix Supreme

    Importance of Cleansing of Toxins and Weight Loss

    Okay – you want to lose weight but you’ve been struggling for some time. Nothing seems to work you say. Well the problem could be too many toxins in your body.

    Chemicals and toxins accumulate in fat tissue. The more chemicals and toxins – the more fat the body manufactures.

    Now do you understand why it can be so hard to lose weight.  perhaps now you know the reason why! Most weight loss and diet products (lotions, pills, potions, and powders) use unhealthy and potentially dangerous ingredients, such as ma huang, ephedra, and caffeine that promise fast weight loss . However the weight loss is primarily water and lean muscle. Minimal fat is lost because these products do not address the cleansing of the system.

    Without proper cleansing – the lost lean muscle and water return as fat, thus people are actually fatter versions of their prior selves. Chemicals and toxins are bound within fat tissue, and only specifically blended nutrients can contribute to releasing the chemicals from fat. Excess fat will literally melt away at an alarming yet safe and effective pace.

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    IsaGenix 9-Day Cleanse System – Click Here!

    IsaGenix 30 Day Cleanse System- Click Here!

    IsaGenix Cleanse for Life Nutritional Cleansing

    Unlock the Miracle of the Human Body by Beginning Daily Nutritional Cleansing. The following information details just what a great product Cleanse for Life is for improving health.

    Cleanse for Life

    • The Isagenix® “Cleanse For Life” Drink increases the health benefits you’ll receive from the ancient health practice of cleansing. It is designed to help your body wash away the impurities that drag your energy and health down ~ while infusing your cells with nutrients.*
    • Its proprietary combination of powerful nutrients helps support the body’s natural cleansing ability and also contains key minerals missing from the average diet that are essential for optimum health and energy.*
    • Synergistic blend of high quality organic Aloe Vera with special cleansing and healing herbs . . . combined with 70 ionic trace minerals from Ancient Plant Source ~ for accelerated delivery.*
    • Begins the cleansing process ~ and helps avoid premature aging.*
    • Enhances your body’s natural ability to ~ clear itself of impurities*, support weight loss*, increase energy* and improve mental clarity.*
    • A cleansed and revitalized body is stronger, more efficient, supports the immune system* ~ and performs at a higher level than one that is carrying unhealthy impurities.*

    Let’s Examine the Cleansing, Strengthening and  Protective  Nutrients in Cleanse for Life:

    Aloe Vera – supports natural repair of digestive tract issues and may help cleanse the colon.*
    • 70 Ionic Trace Minerals – from Ancient Plant Source – rich in Fulvic Acid.*
    • Fulvic Acid – supports conversion of inorganic to organic minerals – supports nutrient absorption.*
    • Chlorophyll – may help to neutralize the pollution we breathe – and to deodorize the bowel.*
    • Pau D’Arco – supports the body to control yeast and parasites.*
    • Burdock – supports cleansing of the blood and liver.*
    • Fennel – supports the natural function of spleen, liver, kidneys and heart.*
    • Peppermint – helps avoid digestive problems and may eliminate gas.*
    • Suma Root – may protect the body and digestive system from stress.*

    More Information IsaGenix Cleanse for Life Liquid – Click Here!

    More Information IsaGenix Cleanse for Life Powder – Click Here!

    IsaGenix 9-Day Cleanse System – Click Here!

    IsaGenix 30 Day Cleanse System- Click Here!

    IsaGenix Cleanse Products and the 4 Pillars of Health (Part 2)

    In our last post we talked about the first 2 IsaGenix Pillars of Health.

    The 1st Pillar of Health Product is IsaGenix Cleanse for Life.

    The 2nd Pillar of Health is the ISALean Protein Shakes.

    The 3rd Pillar of Health is IsaGenix Ionix Supreme Product.
    IsaGenix Ionix Supreme Bottle

    Ionix Supreme was designed to energize the cells and increase the body’s resistance to stress, while supporting mental and physical functions. Maximize Health and Neutralize Stress Ionix® Supreme is packed with nearly 200 powerful nutrients and food concentrates to help you feel your best every day. No other product even comes close. “I call Ionix® Supreme “The Elixir of Life.”

    Ionix Supreme contains plant-based adaptogens like schizandra, rhodiola, ashwagandha, maca root and goji berry, which help increase your body’s resistance to the negative effects of stress.

    The 4th Pillar of Health are the Ageless Essentials Daily Packs for Men and Women.
    IsaGenix Ageless Essentials Daily Pak
    Isagenix® developed Ageless Essentials Daily Pack to give you a convenient way to achieve optimal intakes of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as special age-defying nutrients in easy to use packets to meet your nutritional needs.

    If you were to purchase a 30-day supply of each individual product in the Ageless Essentials Daily Pack you would pay $100. With the convenient A.M./P.M. packet, a full 30-day supply of all 4 power-packed nutritional supplements sells for only $69.*

    Check out the IsaGenix 9 – Day Cleanse Program – Click Here!