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IsaGenix Cleanse Products and 4 Pillars of Health

This is about the IsaGenix Cleanse, Shakes and Nutrition products and the 3 Pillars of Health.
Cleanse for Life Bottle
The 1st Pillar of Health Product is IsaGenix Cleanse for Life. Our bodies are constantly being exposed to toxins all around us. That is why it’s so important to cleanse our bodies and cells on a regular basis.  We can never truly get the right nutrition and optimal health for our bodies if we don’t cleanse the impurities. This product is truly amazing and comes in both liquid and powder.

Cleanse for Life offers a number of healthy benefits like:

  • Helps increase energy and endurance*
  • More effectively lose unwanted fat and inches when combined with proper diet and exercise*
  • Increases resistance to oxidative stress*
  • Improves mental and physical performance*
  • Strengthens the immune system*
  • Supports heart health*
  • Aids digestive health*

Cleanse for Life Bottle
The 2nd Pillar of Health is the ISALean Protein Shakes – These are much more than a simple protein meal replacement shake. This deliciously complete meal replacement contains 23 grams of the highest quality New Zealand whey and casein protein from grass-fed cows with no added hormones or antibiotics, as well as filling fiber, calcium and vitamins to support your body’s vital functions. This perfectly balanced shake also contains Ionic Alfalfa™, our proprietary blend of 70 super-charged minerals, trace minerals and alfalfa juice. Active enzymes in each serving helps maximize the absorption of key nutrients.

In our next post we’ll discuss Pillars of Health 3 and 4.

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IsaGenix and the Importance of Good Posture & Exercise

I was reading an article about how improper weight training led to the law of unintended consequences. Basically this story was how when a guy was young (16 years old) he wanted to impress the girls so he started weight training. Well he only focused on the parts of his body that mainly showed (his chest and arms). The problem was his body got out of balance and the over-development of these muscles at the neglect of other led to a hunched back and poor posture.

The moral of the story is how important it is to have our lives in balance. And that is also true with nutrition and weight loss. And that is why I believe the IsaGenix weight loss and cleansing system is so effective, because it helps to put the body in balance. What good does it to to lose weight if you’re not healthy. Because of how the IsaGenix products provide cleansing as well as give you the proper nutrition it makes it much easier to lose weight on their products.

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IsaGenix Cleansing Weight Loss 10 pounds Already

Let me just say how impressed I’ve been with the ISAgenix Products. I’ve personally lost 10 pounds in about 2 weeks on the IsaGenix 9 Day Cleansing Weight Loss System. The Cleanse for Life product is pretty amazing when you examine the ingredients.

Also another product I’m very impressed with when looking at the the whole scope of ingredients is the Ionix Supreme. This is a great product for stress relief. Note: Watch the video on the website.

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