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Dr John Gray Endorses IsaGenix 30 & 9 Day Weight Loss Cleanse Programs

Video – Dr John Gray the author of the best seller book Men Are From Mars Women are from Venus discusses the effectiveness of the IsaGenix 30 and 9 Day Cleanse Programs.

Watch  Dr John Gray Endorses IsaGenix 30 & 9 Day Cleanse Programs on YouTube – Click Here!
Dr John Gray Men are From Mars Women are From Venus
IsaGenix 30 Day Weight Loss Cleanse Program – Click Here!

The IsaGenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System 9 Day Cleanse Program Pak provides you nutritional cleansing and a nutrition routine designed to optimize your health, increase energy levels and help you feel younger. Note: The IsaGenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System is Stimulant-free.

It also comes with the desired IsaLean Protein Meal Replacement Shakes – Click Here!

IsaGenix International’s 9 day cleanse Cleansing and Fat Burning System has been used by many thousands of people from around the globe to improve their health and wellbeing and also lose weight. What makes the IsaGenix 9 day cleanse fat burning and cleansing program unique is it is very effective and has been proven to get results.

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Note: You can purchase these products online for a variety of countries US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malysia, Singapore, Colombia, etc as well as right here in Atlanta, Georgia, Gwinnett Co and the Dacula Lawrenceville area)

Isagenix Weight Loss Video 100-200-300 Pound Club Isagenics,

This is quite an interesting video of people that have lost over 100, 200 and even 300 pounds using the IsaGenix weight loss and cleansing products and programs. These people are using the IsaGenix 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning Pak or the 9 Day Cleansing Weight Loss Program.

Watch IsaGenix Weight Loss 100-200-300 Pounds Club IsaGenics Video on YouTube – Click Here!
IsaGenix 100 pounds lost people
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IsaGenix Video Review IsaBody Weight Loss Challenge 2013

“I decided in January that I could have the bikini body I wanted and could look hot in one,” shares Holly. “When I competed, it was a dream. I never thought in a million years I’d be doing a bikini competition.”

Holly was a previous IsaBody Challenge Winner in 2010 – You can see her story in the links at the bottom of this page. This video is about the current IsaBody Challenge for 2013.

 Watch this Video on YouTube – Click Here!
IsaGenix 100 pounds lost people
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Video New Internet Marketing System for Promoting IsaGenix Weight Loss

There is a great opportunity to make money at the present time marketing the superior IsaGenix weight loss products. The following weight loss study – click here reveals how well the products work.

The following webpage reveals the exciting before and after weight loss pictures – (click here!) of people using these products.

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Which brings me to the video below. This is an internet marketing system that puts the internet to work for you 24/7 helping to build you a business. You simply must check it out, there is nothing else like it.

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If you have just this one thing your home business success is virtually guaranteed.

With this one thing you don’t need any of the following to be successful:

  • Great communication skills.
  • Great prospecting skills.
  • Great internet marketing skills.
  • A list of friends and family. (However, once you see this working you’ll want to contact all of them.)

That one thing is sales traffic and in this case it’s internet traffic to your web site.

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Video of Independent Study of IsaGenix Weight Loss Products

Recently a clinical study demonstrated that the  IsaGenix Weight Loss – Management System is proven to produce far greater results than just a Heart Healthy Diet. Especially in terms of getting rid of visceral or belly fat.

The following video is of a panel of doctors and health professionals discussing the importance of the study findings.

Watch this Independent Study Review on YouTube – Click Here!

The IsaGenix System consists of one or the other of the following 2 products:

(Both of these contain the same individual products – the 30 Day System just provides you more to last 30 days instead of 9 Days)

The IsaGenix 9-Day Weightloss System – Click Here for Details


The IsaGenix 30-Day Weight Loss System – Click Here for Details

Link to this IsaGenix Weight loss Study – Click Here!

Isagenix Clinical Study Provides Visual Evidence of Visceral Fat Reduction

This really is some pretty big news. Visceral fat often referred to as belly fat is the fat around organs that can lead to metabolic syndrome characterized by abdominal obesity, elevated triglycerides, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and impaired glucose tolerance.

A person with metabolic syndrome is twice as likely to develop heart disease and five times as likely to develop diabetes.

The IsaGenix Weight Loss – Management System is proven to produce far greater results than just a Heart Healthy Diet.

See the Following Chart:

You can see below in the before and after picture the reduction of visceral fat around the organs. (The visceral fat is the white stuff within the outlined area)

On average, the MRI scans showed that subjects in the group taking Isagenix products lost two times as much visceral fat as those who followed a “heart-healthy” diet in the study. A slight decrease in subcutaneous fat—the thick white outer layer outside of the outlined section—can also be seen when comparing the before and after images.

Our main finding was that weight loss was actually greater in the Isagenix group. On average they lost 3.9 kg, so that works out to be around 9 pounds or so. Obviously, some lost more and some less, but the Isagenix group lost 3 pounds more on average than the other diet. We also saw those changes with fat mass. With Isagenix, we saw slightly greater reductions (although not significant) in fat mass. Neither group lost a significant amount of lean mass, which is great because you want to maintain your muscle mass to keep your metabolic rate higher and that allows you to burn more calories per hour.

Even though it wasn’t statistically significant between groups, we found that there was a much greater reduction in visceral fat in the Isagenix group -about twice as much. They lost 0.7 kg, about 2 pounds. I find that amazing -they lost 2 pounds around their organs, that’s a lot!

The IsaGenix System consists of one or the other of the following 2 products:

(Both of these contain the same individual products – the 30 Day System just provides you more to last 30 days instead of 9 Days)

The 9-Day System – Click Here for Details


The 30-Day System – Click Here for Details

IsaGenix Weight Loss Video IsaBody Challenge Winner

Whether you need to lose weight or you know someone wanting to lose weight you simply need to watch the following video. This is quite an inspiring story of one woman’s life long struggle with being overweight. She weighted 142 pounds in the 3rd grade.

Since 1998 she has been trying to lose weight. She has 20 “Before” Pictures but no after pictures until she tried IsaGenix. Then when you see how see looks after her transformation it is amazing.

Click on the Video above to See This Remarkable Success Story of One Women’s Desire to Lose Weight and Transform Herself.

Watch this IsaGenix Weight Loss Video on YouTube- Click Here!

Jill was using the following products in her journey:

IsaGenix 9 Day Cleanse Weight Loss Program – Click Here!

IsaGenix 30 Day Cleanse Weight Loss Program – Click Here!

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Review of IsaGenix Weight Loss 9 Day Cleanse Program – Click Here!

Also Check out IsaGenix Product B Telomeres Support Product – Click Here!

Toxins and Dangerous Chemicals You Are Exposed to Daily

The following article largely deals with toxins and pollutants in our environment that we are exposed to everyday. This is important for more than just the health reasons that seem obvious. What most of us are not aware of is how toxins in our body contribute to weight and fat gain. Plus these chemicals and toxins accumulate in our fat tissue. The more chemicals and toxins – the more fat the body manufactures.

Every day, we’re continually exposed to toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the items we touch. Toxins – or xenobiotics – have always been part of the natural environment. Many are made by plants, bacteria, and animals as defenses to keep predators at bay. The greater the abundance of toxins in a species, the more likely they will survive.

The act of living itself also comes to us at a cost. Toxins are produced within the human body from simply being alive day to day. Toxins may, at times, be used to battle foreign bacteria or viruses. These can cause harm as they work to protect the body, but after their job is done, they are detoxified through biochemical processes.

The dangers of toxic build up

In our modern environment, pollution and food processing has increased our toxic load considerably. Humans have added thousands of new chemicals that pollute our air and water. These toxins can often end up in our foods, not just in plants, but concentrated in the animals that we eat. Food is also laden with chemicals in form of pesticides, processing agents and artificial ingredients. Continual flow of pollutants into water sources increases our risk of exposure to toxins. As our bodies are endlessly exposed to toxins, the toxins can overwhelm the body’s natural detoxification defenses.

Pesticides – What’s Hiding on Your Produce?

A farmer’s biggest enemy is anything that will harm his crops before harvest. That’s why guarding against pests and insects is so important in the agricultural industry. But, unfortunately for consumers, the cheapest and easiest way to deal with pests is often by using chemical sprays known as pesticides. While that leads to better growing results for the farmer, it may lead to adverse effects for you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are “acceptable” levels of pesticides found in the food you buy at the grocery store.

But the produce section isn’t the only place you’ll find pesticides. When farmers spray their fields, some of the pesticides make it into rivers and streams thanks to run-off, or seep into the ground and make it to the water table.

This is part 1 of  a 2 part article. In Part 2 we’ll take a look at some of the mechanisms our bodies employ to help us eliminate toxins.

Protect your body from continued exposure to environmental toxins and oxidative stress, which can cause weight gain and premature aging. IsaGenix Cleanse for Life® removes impurities, promotes weight loss, and also protects and nourishes your body at a cellular level.

IsaGenix 9-Day Cleanse System – Click Here!

IsaGenix 30 Day Cleanse System- Click Here!

IsaGenix 30 Day Weight Loss Cleanse + Ageless Pain Relief

ISAGENIX Rejuvity - Joint and Pain Relief System
Here’s something to consider, when you gain weight it does more than make your clothes feel tighter, not to mention the extra stress it places on your heart and health. Gaining weight also places extra stress on your joints, especially your ankles and knees.

Let’s say for example you weight 200 pounds and gain 20 pounds. Now let’s say you jog or run, this places a force on your knees of from 4 – 8 times your body weight. So now instead of 1600 pounds of stress on your knees you’re placing up to 1760 pounds of stress. You multiply that extra amount of weight over a number of years and well you can see why so many people as they age develop joint problems and pain.

So for the joints we have the Isagenix® and the Rejuvity™ Joint and Pain Relief System.

This is part of a three pronged solution to the weight gain and joint pain problem.

  1. First stop the pain – that’s where the IsaGenix Rejuvity Ageless Pain Relief Cream can provide immediate relief.
  2. Second we must manage our weight – by using either the 9 Day Cleanse System or the 30-Day Cleanse System with Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack
  3. Third protect, rejuvenate and soothe your joints over time with Ageless Joint Support™ tablets

By looking to lose those extra pounds with the 30-Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System with Ageless Essentials Daily Pack and replenishing your body with healthy fuel, not only will your joints do a happy dance thanks to the reduced pressure, but when you add the Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System to your routine, they’ll also receive a proprietary blend of scientifically-supported ingredients for advanced, triple-action support.

The following are important proven ingredients for the support of healthy joints.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to support healthy cartilage in the joint. - Contained in IsaGenix Ageless Joint Support.

Comforting botanicals such as Boswellia and Turmeric to soothe joint flare-ups for overall joint health? Contained in IsaGenix Ageless Joint Support.

Soothing relief for muscle aches and arthritis pain thanks to our non-toxic Ageless Pain Relief™ Cream?

Give your joints the relief they’re aching for by letting go of those nagging extra pounds while replenishing what they need to function at their highest potential. Try the 30-Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System with Ageless Essentials Daily Pack and Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System together.

When it comes to weight loss I urge you to check out the IsaGenix 100/200 Pound Weight Loss Club.