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ISAGENIX FOX 31 News Spotlight on Health Weight Loss Report

FOX   Channel 31 News – Spotlight on Health Report talks about how body cleansing products can help people speed up their weight loss.
IsaGenix Body cleansing FOX Channel 31 News

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Doctors use body cleansing products to help get rid of toxins in your system. Toxins can cause health problems and also bloating as well as make it more difficult for you to lose weight. That’s why fitness experts are using body cleansing products to help their clients drop extra pounds.

One mother of 6 in the video lost 25 pounds using cleansing products from IsaGenix. In 23 days she went from a size 11 to a size 5. She used the IsaGenix Protein shakes as well as the Cleanse for Life product. The products are all-natural.

Dr. Jennifer Pratt of Kaiser Permanente recommends people do a cleansing program in the Fall and Spring to remove toxins in their body that have built up over time. These toxins can lead to diseases as well as other symptoms. You also need good nutrition and exercise to help you lose weight.

The mother of 6 takes the IsaGenix liquid nutrition (Ionix Supreme, IsaLean Shakes) twice a day and then she just eats healthy the rest of the time.

The initial weight loss can occur very fast. The fitness expert in the video lost 16 pounds in the first 9 days.
Just the boost many people need to reach their weight management goals.

Doctors say safe cleansing products do not contain harsh stimulants. This is not a diuretic and their are no serious side effects using these products.
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Video of Independent Study of IsaGenix Weight Loss Products

Recently a clinical study demonstrated that the  IsaGenix Weight Loss – Management System is proven to produce far greater results than just a Heart Healthy Diet. Especially in terms of getting rid of visceral or belly fat.

The following video is of a panel of doctors and health professionals discussing the importance of the study findings.

Watch this Independent Study Review on YouTube – Click Here!

The IsaGenix System consists of one or the other of the following 2 products:

(Both of these contain the same individual products – the 30 Day System just provides you more to last 30 days instead of 9 Days)

The IsaGenix 9-Day Weightloss System – Click Here for Details


The IsaGenix 30-Day Weight Loss System – Click Here for Details

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3 Reasons Why IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes Are Best

There certainly a lot of protein shake meal replacement shakes on the market. Every thing from Slim Fast to a number of other protein shake meal replacement products.
IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes
Here is why we believe the IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes are the very best of all.

First there is no compromise of ingredients in the product. Only the very best protein and other raw ingredients are used.

Second they are a complete, full-meal replacement. Unlike many other shakes out there that require milk in order to create a true meal replacement option, you don’t need milk for IsaLean Shakes. And, the shakes do their job. The calories are controlled and your body gets what it needs without having to worry about your muscles suffering due to lack of nutrition. providing optimal support. Plus these are a full meal not just a snack shake. They provide optimal support for Nutritional Cleansing and
Replenishing, weight loss and weight maintenance, as well as peak
performance. While low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol, IsaLean Shake is high in protein, healthy poly- and mono-unsaturated fats, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals (including calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin D). Plus, you get active digestive enzymes that help break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats and help maximize absorption of key nutrients. Many products touted as “meal-replacements” are  designed to control calories, and don’t deliver adequate nutrition or the most efficacious amount of protein to stave off muscle loss that often accompanies weight loss.

IsaLean Shakes only need to be blended with water for a satisfying meal replacement while many other shakes on the market tout their nutrition without identifying that they must be mixed with milk in order to be a proper meal replacement, thus increasing the sugar, sodium, cholesterol, and possibly fat.

Third IsaGenix Isalean Protein Shakes contain the right amount of protein. In order to trigger a protein synthesis response, your body needs at least 20 grams of protein. Many shakes offer less than half of that! IsaLean Shakes include 23 grams of protein. The correct amount of protein to trigger a protein synthesis response is at least 20 grams and is dependent upon the amounts of branched-chain amino acids that are highest in whey protein-not soy protein isolate, which is the first (and primary) ingredient listed in other shakes on the market. IsaLean Shake is truly the meal replacement of choice for losing weight while maintaining and building muscle.

Plus, if you’re looking for even more, you can add a scoop or two of our pure, undenatured whey protein IsaPro® for a boost.

Clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and weight management:

In a major university study where two IsaLean Shakes replaced two meals each day for 7 days, participants experienced a greater percentage of weight loss with an average of six pounds when compared to results obtained from other protein shakes on the market.

Fourth is the affordable per-meal cost. At just $3.64 per meal, or $2.78 for the Preferred Customer and Associate price, you’re replacing a meal for less than what you could get at the fast food joint nearby. And, since IsaLean Shakes only require water (which is FREE) unlike some shakes that need milk, factoring the cost and the savings to your grocery bill are a cinch!

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Importance of Cleansing of Toxins and Weight Loss

Okay – you want to lose weight but you’ve been struggling for some time. Nothing seems to work you say. Well the problem could be too many toxins in your body.

Chemicals and toxins accumulate in fat tissue. The more chemicals and toxins – the more fat the body manufactures.

Now do you understand why it can be so hard to lose weight.  perhaps now you know the reason why! Most weight loss and diet products (lotions, pills, potions, and powders) use unhealthy and potentially dangerous ingredients, such as ma huang, ephedra, and caffeine that promise fast weight loss . However the weight loss is primarily water and lean muscle. Minimal fat is lost because these products do not address the cleansing of the system.

Without proper cleansing – the lost lean muscle and water return as fat, thus people are actually fatter versions of their prior selves. Chemicals and toxins are bound within fat tissue, and only specifically blended nutrients can contribute to releasing the chemicals from fat. Excess fat will literally melt away at an alarming yet safe and effective pace.

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IsaGenix Cleanse for Life Nutritional Cleansing

Unlock the Miracle of the Human Body by Beginning Daily Nutritional Cleansing. The following information details just what a great product Cleanse for Life is for improving health.

Cleanse for Life

  • The Isagenix® “Cleanse For Life” Drink increases the health benefits you’ll receive from the ancient health practice of cleansing. It is designed to help your body wash away the impurities that drag your energy and health down ~ while infusing your cells with nutrients.*
  • Its proprietary combination of powerful nutrients helps support the body’s natural cleansing ability and also contains key minerals missing from the average diet that are essential for optimum health and energy.*
  • Synergistic blend of high quality organic Aloe Vera with special cleansing and healing herbs . . . combined with 70 ionic trace minerals from Ancient Plant Source ~ for accelerated delivery.*
  • Begins the cleansing process ~ and helps avoid premature aging.*
  • Enhances your body’s natural ability to ~ clear itself of impurities*, support weight loss*, increase energy* and improve mental clarity.*
  • A cleansed and revitalized body is stronger, more efficient, supports the immune system* ~ and performs at a higher level than one that is carrying unhealthy impurities.*

Let’s Examine the Cleansing, Strengthening and  Protective  Nutrients in Cleanse for Life:

Aloe Vera – supports natural repair of digestive tract issues and may help cleanse the colon.*
• 70 Ionic Trace Minerals – from Ancient Plant Source – rich in Fulvic Acid.*
• Fulvic Acid – supports conversion of inorganic to organic minerals – supports nutrient absorption.*
• Chlorophyll – may help to neutralize the pollution we breathe – and to deodorize the bowel.*
• Pau D’Arco – supports the body to control yeast and parasites.*
• Burdock – supports cleansing of the blood and liver.*
• Fennel – supports the natural function of spleen, liver, kidneys and heart.*
• Peppermint – helps avoid digestive problems and may eliminate gas.*
• Suma Root – may protect the body and digestive system from stress.*

More Information IsaGenix Cleanse for Life Liquid – Click Here!

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IsaGenix 9-Day Cleanse System – Click Here!

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